Why do I need to take your courses?

The state of California requires a person desiring to purchase/own a firearm to have basic training in firearms safety and firearms handling (California penal code 31610 – 31670).

First Priority will provide you with the required firearm safe handling skills and knowledge to conform to California law. We also provide you with the skills necessary to be confident enough to protect yourself and your loved ones in a life-threatening emergency.

Why should I be concerned with owning a firearm?

FBI, local crime statistics, as well as the local and national news, make it quite apparent violent crime and terrorist events are on the rise.  First Priority is not a proponent of the “good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun” edict, however, we do believe the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides you the right to own/possess a firearm and the law provides you the right to protect yourself or another from the attempt of another to commit a forcible and life-threatening crime on you or another person. (California penal code 197).

Am I safe training with First Priority?

First Priority makes safety our first priority.  As part of our protocol, there is no live ammunition ever allowed inside the classroom.  We practice what we preach, conducting safe firearms handling procedures at every step of the teaching/learning environment. The instructor is a certified Chief Range Safety Officer and twenty-two-year law enforcement veteran.  The Instructor is also trained in basic and advanced life-saving techniques.

How do I learn to shoot?

Shooting fundamentals are not about how many bullets you shoot from your firearm at the range, wasting money putting holes in paper.  At First Priority, we stress fundamentals; proper stance and grip, sight alignment, and sight picture.  We practice with replica CO2 pistols, firing plastic pellets that can be done in your back yard or garage.

Do you have courses in Security Guard Licensing?

Yes, we have security guard training now! First Priority offers the 8 hour Power of Arrest/Weapons of Mass Destruction required course to obtain your guard card.  We are certified to teach all 32 hours of the mandatory skills training courses and 8-hour refresher courses to maintain and keep your guard card valid.  You can get your guard card certificate, submit your fingerprints and make your on-line application to the DOJ all in one sitting.

What does the Basic Firearms Safety Course teach me?

The Basic Firearms course instructs students on the safe handling and storage of firearms and firearms ammunition.  The course is heavy on safety issues concerning the proper handling and storage of firearms and the laws surrounding those safety issues.

The course also provides instruction in the California Firearms Safety Certificate and the test to obtain the certificate.  All potential firearms owners in California must have the certificate to be eligible to purchase a firearm in California.

Can I buy a gun after passing the California Safety Certificate test?

The California Safety Certificate only makes you eligible to purchase/possess a firearm in California.  The state of California and Federal law have additional guidelines for individuals to qualify to own/purchase a firearm in California.  Please visit the Secretary of States website to obtain additional information and regulations @ https://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/agweb/pdfs/firearms/pdf/cfl2016.pdf.

Where do you have classes?

We are located in Tracy, CA. Centrally located to serve the Bay Area, Valley, and Greater Sacramento area.


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