KEITH BROWN CEO/Principal Instructor

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First Priority will provide you with the required firearm safe handling skills and knowledge to conform to California law. We also provide you with the skills necessary to be confident enough to protect yourself and your loved ones in a life-threatening emergency.

The Instructor is trained in basic and advanced life-saving procedures.

Shooting fundamentals are not about how many bullets you shoot from your firearm at the range, wasting money putting holes in paper.  At First Priority, we stress fundamentals; proper stance and grip, sight alignment, and sight picture.  We practice with replica Air Soft guns and plastic 6mm bbs.

First Priority Security Consulting brings affordable security solutions to the Bay Area community for citizens, organizations, and business in preparation for, endurance of, and recovery from natural and man-made disaster events. First Priority Security Consulting will provide a personal on-site review of your home, business or facility to determine the best practices to apply for the safe and secure protection of life, limb, and property during a natural or man-made disaster event.  From preparation, event and recovery we provide a hands-on training event for family, employers, and employees.  (Negotiated rates of service).


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